Texas: Deadly Force In Defense Of Personal Property.

Stand Your Ground laws authorize deadly force not just when an individual has a reasonable fear of death; but also for fear of great bodily harm or a “forcible felony.” In many states, these provisions are potentially authorizing disproportionate force in response to a fear of crimes as low-level as third-degree assault or robbery. But even these crimes involve injury to a person.

Texas is different. In Texas, one can use deadly force not just to protect a person, but also to protect personal property, including to “retrieve stolen property at night,” during “criminal mischief in the nighttime” and even to prevent someone who is fleeing immediately after a theft during the night or a burglary or robbery, so long as the individual “reasonably” thinks the property cannot be protected by other means. This law recently garnered attention when lawyers used the provision to defend a man acquitted in the deadly shooting of an escort who refused to have sex with him. In other cases, the law has been the basis for not pressing charges against individuals who shoot and kill suspected car burglars, and an individual suspected of stealing copper wiring from a car. It is worth noting that some other states authorize the use of force to protect personal property, but not deadly force.

As a result of these laws in Texas, and because Texas belongs to the United Nations and the World Trade Organization region, where the victims who have relationships with Texas can sue perpetrators of properties in Texas that was unreasonably deprived, claiming compensation for properties, if not repayable, the deprived have the right to use lethal force. If the depressor is injured (including life), the court may be regarded as a legitimate defense.

As the early initiators of the 1989 democratic movement, I and the initiators who participated in the open letter and the theory of “comprehensively absorbing the fruits of human civilization”, but Deng Xiaoping and his children plagiarized and tampered with the theory, so that later with taxpayers money paid writers proposed self-contradictory “Deng Xiaoping Theory”, and later the development of its “three representations”, “scientific concept of development” and so on have plagiarism suspects and even more contradictory. Today the Chinese people who are deprived of rights, such as forced demolitions, financial fraud, veterans, black anti-corruption are the victims of this plagiarism theory. We, the victims of these, can unite to recover the lost property from the plagiarist and all the unreasonable deprives. Otherwise, if the occurrence of force and even life-threatening, in the real rule of the laws of the state of Texas, will be sentenced to legitimate defense, there is no excessive defense.

As a result of the protection of private property and its inheritance, the descendants of all deprived of property in the world should also have the means to defend the private property by proper means of defense. These descendants should include, but are not limited to, all landlords, rich peasants, “counterrevolutionaries”, bad elements and rightists in mainland China, descendants of property deprived of property by land reform, anti-rightism and the Cultural Revolution, and even the ongoing “black style against corruption”, and the former Kuomintang government officials were deprived of the descendants of the property.








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