Open letter on low-end honest population suing high-end wicked population

Recently, former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn admitted perjury on contacts with Russian officials, which made significant progress in the investigation by U.S. Special Prosecutor Miller. It also provided impetus to impeach Trump in violation of the promise of election, demeaning words, and deeds, inconsistency in public opinion and private interests, and conflicts of interest.

The so-called “Russian” incident that affected the U.S. presidential election was essentially influenced by Trump’s “very top” transition team member and also Jewish-born son-in-law Kushner. Flint came forward to ask Russia and other countries to help block the UN Security Council from condemning Israel
Resolution to Expand Occupied Palestinian Territory. The resolution was adopted as the Obama administration chose to abstain and other countries agreed. Israel’s disguise was finally revealed partially. No wonder the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was furious with Obama.

In addition, the Russians may have influenced the U.S. presidential election. In fact, Trump was first supported by Israeli and Jewish businessmen and won the ballot by using various media and counterfeiting methods. In order to thank Israel, Trump and his family answered the request by Netanyahu, asking Russia and other countries for not supporting the UN resolution in the name of the transition team affecting the U.S. policy and in violation of “Logan Act “, and is a
felony! But the Jewish-controlled media blames Russia for influencing the election.

Although Israel’s expansion of the occupied territories was condemned by the UN Security Council for abstaining from voting in the last year of Obama’s administration, the U.S. government, under the influence of Jewish evil forces, has for decades supported the Israeli terrorist group in carrying out its
mission to the Palestinian people Repelled their homes and warring acts, while the limited resistance conducted by the Palestinian people was vilified as terrorism. Using the forged terrorist attacks of September 11 (the truth to be revealed), these evil groups pulled western countries such as the United
States and Britain into waters, and launched the war on terror which is unjust and labor and capital intensive.

Since the overwhelming majority of the world’s population has been deceived, the fight against terrorism and the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes have been considered as just. The Chinese people, especially those in the Chinese mainland, were mostly deceived by the Communist media since they were blocked off from the rest of the world. As a result, the CCP became one of the biggest beneficiaries of the fight against terrorism. This war of expulsion is similar to the recent expulsion in the major cities in China by the CCP regime, in that they are all so-called high-end wicked population that
expels the low-rank and honest population.

In this war, Israel’s Jewish clique used the plot circulated by their ancestral inventors to falsely claim them as God’s chosen people and prophesied Israel’s re-establishment as the will of God, etc. This is also similar to that of the Chinese Reds second generations who claim to be the Chinese biggest saviors.
In order to consolidate the rights and vested interests handed down by the privileged generation, they did not hesitate to adopt the rules to blockade the people’s right from accessing the Internet, expel migrant workers from migration, expel people’s speech, communications, associations and marches and other legal rights. The CCP’s original ancestors, No matter whether Marx or the Bolsheviks of the CPSU, are founders and mentors who are Jewish evil elements. It is no wonder that the Chinese communist leadership still accepts the guidance of Jewish evil forces like Kissinger and partner with them.

Beginning in the United States as a perjury admitted by Flynn, the United States will unlock the conspiracy of Jewish evil forces, the backstage owner of
Trump’s extreme family and Trump may soon be brought to an impeachment. The terrorist communist evil group that has long cooperated with the Jews And their
collaborators will lose the support of the U.S. government and Jewish forces. The expelled low-end population in China and in the other parts of the world will have the freedom to migrate and live.

For the early arrival of this day, the low-end population should, in addition to practicing its inherent force of self-defense, should pick up legal weapons as well, expose the evil nature and tactics of those evil people, launch individual and class actions and reclaim what they have taken away property and rights.


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